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Mother Teresa Project Exhibition Hall

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Let us continue to spread compassion throughout the world.


The Mother Teresa Project

  • Educates students on the life and unique spirituality of Mother Teresa through a program of study that immerses them in her life and writings.

  • Engages students in the service of the farmworker community in neighboring Immokalee and throughout the area, especially children in need of mentoring and older residents longing for companionship.

  • Responds to the call of Pope Francis to the laity to reach out with love to those who suffer and be part of the New Evangelization of the 21st century.

  • Sponsors an annual conference hosted by the Stein Center for Social Research at Ave Maria University exploring issues at the heart of human flourishing.

What is the Mother Teresa Project?

Ave Maria University is becoming the epicenter of devotion to Blessed Teresa of Calcutta in Catholic higher education and throughout the Americas.

In 2013, the religious order Mother Teresa founded in Calcutta, the Missionaries of Charity, granted the University official permission to establish the “Mother Teresa Project at Ave Maria University,” the first-of- its-kind in the world . No college campus in America has a program of study and service which honors this Nobel Peace Prize winner whom many believe was the most beloved individual of the 20th century.

At a time when the world is rife with violence and riven with division among the world’s religions, the goal of the Mother Teresa Project is to produce graduates of Ave Maria University who will spread her compassion and teachings to a new generation of Americans who know little about this saintly woman, and in the process, spread peace in the same manner as she did – one person at a time.

Service Projects

Demonstrating love through service, our students have many opportunities both locally and abroad to be Christ to those in need.

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Exhibition Hall

Ave Maria University offers students, tourists, pilgrims and area residents the opportunity to learn more about “the saint of the gutters” in a 3,000 square foot space showcasing displays of her life and memorabilia.



Students who wish to embrace the spirituality of Mother Teresa are given many opportunities to grow in their understanding of her, and imitate her legendary spirit of service.



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