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Help us spread compassion throughout the world through the Friends of the Mother Teresa Project.



Join us in growing the Mother Teresa Project at Ave Maria University, the first-of-its-kind in the world. Ave Maria University is immersing students in the life and spirituality of Mother Teresa, building a culture of education, service, formation, and evangelization. Imagine what is possible through your generous donations!

What I can do, you cannot do; and what you can do, I cannot do. But together we can do something beautiful for God.
– Mother Teresa

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Calcutta, India
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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San Jose, Costa Rica
San Francisco, CA
Kampala, Uganda

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Washington, D.C.
San Juan, Puerto Rico
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We Need Your Help

mt-statueIn order to continue and expand the beautiful work of education, service, formation and evangelization, the Mother Teresa Project needs your help. Consider a call to give to this unique project, which follows the spirituality and legacy of the “Saint of the Gutters”, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

When you give $500 or more, you will receive a hand-painted devotional statue of Mother as a token of our gratitude. American born sculptor, Julie London, crafted this beautiful 6″ representation of Mother Teresa out of clay in 1994. From the casting, fettling, to painting, London’s co-worker, Merna Chance, produced limited edition replicas of this work titled, “Remember the Poor”. It is produced by permission of the Missionaries of Charity.

Other Projects

The Mother Teresa Project at Ave Maria University also hosts an annual conference hosted by the, which explores issues at the heart of human flourishing. The 2017 Conference, “Welcoming the Child: Mother Teresa’s Care for the Most Vulnerable“, focuses on adoption and foster care.

We are building a permanent home. The museum needs a new site to welcome the growing number of pilgrims, and a center of formation is needed to accommodate the numerous students committed to spiritual growth.