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Mother Teresa Project Exhibition Hall

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Help us spread compassion throughout the world through the Friends of the Mother Teresa Project.


Friends of the Mother Teresa Project at Ave Maria University

Dedicated benefactors who help fund the Mother Teresa Project and its mission “to spread the message of God’s love through Mother’s words and works.”

The Friends of the Mother Teresa Project will be invited to private events including student presentations, projects serving the poor, and programs with the leaders of the Mother Teresa Project.

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Friends of the Mother Teresa Project Recognition


$25,000 +

All opportunities of the Champion Level, plus:

  • Personalized recognition album from the Mother Teresa Project
  • Option to participate at Partner Level in the Annual Spring Mother Teresa Celebration Dinner


$10,000 +

All opportunities of the Leadership Level, plus:

  • Personalized reflection from a Mother Teresa Scholar
  • Option to participate at Champion Level in the Annual Spring Mother Teresa Celebration Dinner


$5,000 +

All opportunities of the Mission Trip Sponsor Level, plus:

  • Special access to Advancement staff and exclusive events at the Mother Teresa Museum
  • Viewable link to Scholar Talks
  • Option to participate at Leadership Level in the Annual Spring Mother Teresa Celebration Dinner

Mission Trip Sponsor

$3,000 +

All opportunities of the Service Advocate Level, plus:

  • Commemorative Mission Trip Album
  • A reflection from a mission trip participant
  • Option to participate at Mission Trip Sponsor Level in the Annual Spring Mother Teresa Celebration Dinner

Service Advocate

$1,000 +

All opportunities of the Friend Level, plus:

  • Invitation to a select local service project
  • Option to participate at Service Advocate Level in the Annual Spring Mother Teresa Celebration Dinner


Up to $999

  • Newsletters and updates
  • Invitation to Inspiration Day in September

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Summer Service Opportunities

Trips in America:  In Chicago: Working with the sisters over the summer involves a particular dedication to children. In Chicago the day starts with mass and service at the soup kitchen, followed by summer camp. Children gather around the sisters and spend the evening playing basketball, doing arts and crafts, and a catechism class. The […]

Rome to Adoption: Rolling Out the Year for Mother

Six months ago, Ave Maria University decided to dedicate this entire academic year to her patron- now a canonized saint- Mother Teresa. We had a great start and we are looking forward to a beautiful end. A group of 31 of us took a life-changing pilgrimage to Rome for Mother’s canonization, during the “Year for Mercy”. […]

Mother’s Canonization: A Message from President Towey

  The meaning and significance of what took place in St. Peter’s Square over the weekend when Mother Teresa of Calcutta was canonized is beyond our comprehension.  It was the culminating event of the Jubilee of Mercy that His Holiness Pope Francis instituted to lead us closer to Jesus and His merciful heart.   I loved […]

President Towey Speaks to PBS about Mother Teresa

Check out the beautiful video PBS put together about Mother Teresa, in light of her upcoming canonization. Ave Maria University President, and founder of the Mother Teresa Project, Jim Towey, gives an interview about his insights into our beloved Mother Teresa. Click here to watch the video! Video Transcript Below (from DEBORAH POTTER, Correspondent: […]

Our World Youth Day Pilgrimage

There could be no denying that we were all hot, exhausted, and ravenous for food. Our legs and feet were screaming at us from the many miles we had walked and yet, despite these afflictions, we all shared a tremendous joy and excitement. Surrounded by millions of Catholic youth from around the world, we jumped, […]

Film Review: “The Letters”

“She was first and foremost a teacher,” claimed Blessed Mother Teresa’s spiritual director Father Celeste van Exem, played by Max von Sydow, in the opening of “The Letters.” Today, Mother Teresa’s legacy continues to teach and inspire many. “The Letters,” although not a perfect portrayal of Mother Teresa, depicts her life in an illuminating way […]

Little Women & Big Pardons

  I distinctly remember the trip we took to Orlando this past October. Two 15-passenger vans were packed with Ave Maria students and faculty as we went to venerate the relics of little St. Maria Goretti. And when I say little, I mean it. St. Maria Goretti was only 11 years old when she was […]

Who is Mary?

A student project. Mother Teresa Scholar, Regina Avila de Lizaur, put together this clip about the patron of our university- Mary, the Mother of God. Who is she to our students involved in the Mother Teresa Project? Take a peek and find out!

Becoming a Man in Mexico City

The last two weeks in Mexico City have been some of the most humbling days in my life.  I use the word “humbling” because prior to this trip, I honestly felt I had life figured out, and all I had to do was follow the path I laid out for myself. Turns out on May […]