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Mother Teresa Scholars

Students can immerse themselves in the spirituality and life of Mother Teresa by enrolling in the “Mother Teresa Scholar Program”. This coordinated program of study and service is designed to help students understand the interior life of Mother Teresa, and follow in her footsteps.

Intellectual study, guided by professors and guest speakers, allows students to discover the theological foundations at the root of Mother’s life and work. Retreats and prayer initiatives give students the opportunity to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist. Service and mission requirements help students develop a lifestyle of service to Jesus in the distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor.

Upon graduation, “Mother Teresa Scholars” have the tools to become agents of change in our culture, reaching to the peripheries of our society and participating in the New Evangelization of the 21st Century.

Students generally enroll in the Scholar Program in their sophomore or junior year. The Book of Formation Study Series is carried out in the course of 2 years. Students have the opportunity to earn the designation “Mother Teresa Scholar” upon graduation from Ave Maria University when they have fulfilled the minimum formation and service requirements of the program.

Mother Teresa Scholar Requirements

* Formation *
1 MTP Retreat
2 Lectures
Book of Formation Study Series Sessions
Attestation of Reading Book of Formation

* Service *
Total 75 Hours minimum of Local Service
(with at least 25-40 hours of service per year)
1 Mission Trip

Learn more about being a Mother Teresa Scholar in the words of students who have experienced the program:

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