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If you are interested in serving the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the Haiti mission trip is for you. The Missionaries of Charity welcome us to their compound in Port-au-Prince, which includes the Children’s Home that hosts approximately 80 malnourished, sick and/or abandoned children. Students also accompany the MC’s as they travel to a variety of apostolates in other cities, including their dispensary which tends to hundreds weekly, and their Home for the Dying, where scores of men and women are attended with love. As with all of the mission trip, daily Mass, adoration, journaling and sharing is at the heart of what makes this mission trip one of authentic service to Christ Himself.

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Student Testimonials

The Haiti trip gave me an understanding of how to protect the liberties of this nation, not only with our words or with our vote, but with the most powerful weapon out there: prayer. - Lydia Buckley, Class of 2016
Being in Haiti was incredible! It was really inspiring to spend time with the Sisters who dedicate their entire lives to serving the poorest of the poor and still manage to let the Joy of Christ radiate from them constantly. It changes your perspective on poverty to see it all firsthand, and I think the experience did just as much if not more to help me grow in faith as we helped the people there.” - Ethan Bertrand, Class of 2016