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Mexico City

The Mexico mission trip brings students to a place of immense need, and immense grace. In the Santa Fe neighborhood of Mexico City, students assist the Missionary of Charity Sisters and Fathers in their homes, which for disabled and abandoned men, women and children. This mission trip incorporates a unique pilgrimage dimension, bringing students to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Here, the missionaries have a chance to spend time in front of the miraculous tilma and participate in the beautiful prayer services. While in the area, they serve in the soup kitchen of MC Fathers, who in turn generously give the students a half-day retreat.

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Student Testimonials

Feeding the dying women at Villa Mujeres was incredible because I’ve never seen Jesus so clearly in someone, and I felt His presence so strongly. Also, I got to consecrate myself to Mary in front of the Tilma, which was beyond amazing. - Mary Buzzanca, Class of 2018
Working with the MCs certainly stretched my capacity to serve in all different directions. In working with them, I was able to encounter Christ’s broken body in the poor. - Angelique Hernandez, Class of 2018
"What could I say about Mexico? When I ask myself this question my urge is to say that there are a million things...being able to see Christ in others and growing in my devotion to Mary.... Standing in front of her tilma has been life-changing for me." - Daniel Scanlan, Class of 2018