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New York City

Students desiring to serve their brothers and sisters in the concrete jungle of their own nation should consider the New York mission trip. Mother Teresa referred to the poverty found in western countries as more difficult to remedy, “spiritual poverty”, where the poor experience “profound loneliness . . . of being unwanted, unloved, uncared for” (Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s Speech to the National Prayer Breakfast, Washington, DC, February 3, 1994). After encountering Jesus in the Mass, students join the sisters in the many apostolates throughout the Bronx and Harlem. Whether in the soup kitchen, the homeless shelter, catechism classes, or out on the street runs, the missionaries encounter Jesus in each of the poor they serve.

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Student Testimonials

I’d never worked with women before. The women we worked with in Harlem were so open: one woman admitted she was involved in human trafficking. She finally got out and found the Sisters. The Sisters didn’t ask questions; they just loved her. That’s what they do: they simply love and accept people as they are. - Ericka Nelson, AMU Class of 2015
Meeting Sister Dorothy allowed me to see the beauty in completely surrendering to God. It was beautiful to see someone who lived such a selfless life have so much joy. When I asked Sister Dorothy how I can know God’s will for my life, she told me that God reveals it to us in the deepest desires of our hearts. - Lucas Fassbender, AMU Class of 2016